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Victoria Lee, LCMHC, MLADC and Dr. Duncan Gill, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Podcast

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

"Is There A Med For That" is a valuable podcast that addresses an important topic—teen mental health treatment—and provides guidance on supporting adolescents through challenging phases in life. With Victoria Lee's expertise as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) and Master Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (MLADC), and Dr. Duncan Gill's background as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, the podcast offers a wealth of knowledge and insights.

The teenage years can be a complex and critical period in a person's life, and mental health concerns often arise during this time. By creating a platform to discuss these issues, Victoria Lee and Dr. Duncan Gill can contribute to increasing awareness and understanding of teen mental health. Their professional backgrounds make them well-suited to provide practical advice, share therapeutic approaches, and discuss the potential role of medications when appropriate.

The podcast covers various topics related to teen mental health, such as common challenges faced by adolescents, signs of mental health issues, strategies for parents and caregivers to support their teenagers, and the benefits and considerations surrounding medication in certain cases. By providing this information, "Is There A Med For That" can empower listeners to better understand and navigate the complexities of teen mental health and seek appropriate help when needed.

The podcasts is accessible and conveniently aired on all major platforms, allowing individuals to tune in at their own convenience and absorb the information at their own pace.

"Is There A Med For That" is a valuable resource for parents, caregivers, educators, and anyone involved in the lives of teenagers, offering guidance and fostering empathy and understanding. Overall, "Is There A Med For That" has the potential to make a significant impact by raising awareness, reducing stigma, and providing practical tools for supporting the mental health of teenagers. It's an excellent initiative to address an important need in our society.

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